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All versions of EGAN require the latest version of Java with Java WebStart. EGAN runs on most operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), and is provided for use according to the terms of this license.

For EGAN 1.5, you will need a minimum of 4GiB of free memory (~8GiB total memory) on your system in order to run human and mouse EGAN, and it is recommended that you have at least 8GiB of free memory (~16GiB total memory) for best performance.

The demos are configured to require only 2GiB of free memory and other species have lesser amounts of pre-collated data, requiring less than 1GiB of memory.

If EGAN doesn't start or you see the message "Unable to launch Java virtual machine", you will need to modify the EGAN-launching .jnlp file listed below so that it requests less memory from your operating system. Save the .jnlp file to your computer, then follow the instructions in this thread in the discussion forum.

It is recommended that you save the .jnlp file linked below to your computer (i.e. "Right-click -> Save link as..."); then double-click the icon to run EGAN.

Please contact us should you have any questions. Enjoy!

Please access the archives should you need an older version of EGAN.

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